Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family pictures

                                                                   Thom family
                                               Vicki family      Below     Mark family

Sunday 30th---home alone

What a great week!!
It all started with Sheldon and his family arriving from Tennessee.   It was the first for Jenny and little Max to visit G-pa & G-ma's farm in Kansas.   Aunt Vicki's family came over to help and visit each day.  With out their help we could not have done it.  Monday uncle Tom came from Topeka, and helped cut
some trees with help from Sheldon.   Tom stayed the rest of the week,and as usual supplied target practice  bluerock shooting.  Then came uncle Mark from Albuquerque N.M to visit every one but mainly Little Max and his family.   Then Steve & Megan and family from Wakefield came and visited and helped with the bonfire.  The rest of the family, Steve's,  from south east Kansas showed up for the rest of the week.   Thanksgiving day Darlene's  niece and family from Wellington,Manhattan,and Kansas City was here for dinner. Rich gave the blessing.  He has done it for years.  We also had a soldier from Mississippi that is stationed at Ft Riley join us as he had no family here.   We had 32 for dinner. It is quiet tonight every one has gone home but the week will be with us for a long time.  I doubt that we will ever have us all together again.   We thank the Lord for being such a great God.   MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU  MAY THE LORD MAKE HIS FACE SHINE ON YOU AND BE GRACIOUS TO YOU  MAY THE LORD TURN HIS FACE TOWARDS YOU AND GIVE YOU PEACE

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our family Nov.27-2008

                                    Vicki  Thom   Mark   Steve  our kids
                                Grand kids & great grand-below-Our family

Thanksgiving 2008

Our whole family was here for Thanksgiving Day dinner.  (noon)  Also a neice and her family and a soldier from Ft. Riley.  32 of us in all!  We were blessed to have them all able to be here at the same time.  Most of us live in Kansas but some from Tennessee, New Mexico, Mississippi, and Ohio.  We are grateful for the four young military men who were here and by serving our country help to keep us free.  We thoroughly enjoyed our family,  children,  grand children and great grandchildren.  Hope you had a wonderful day, too.  The Lord is GOOD!!