Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Darrell and Ruth, ready to go home.

Darrell and Ruth and family (all but David)

Larry and wife (front left)

Mark (in back) Patrick (right front)

Farrell (Darrel's twin) and Max

Elaine, Lee and family

'Doc' and Fern (cousins)

Derek, Denette and boys

Darlene, Ruth, Max, Darrell
Darrell and Ruth just returned from a two week vacation cruise to a big celebration of their
50th wedding anniversary. Darrell and I are related, my grandmother and his grandmother
were sisters. When I was a kid we used to go over to visit them and have dinner with them on
the farm. Darrell's mom was a great cook.
After Darlene and I were married we would go to visit them on Sunday. Darrell's dad, Ike was crippled and could only walk by holding his knee in place. They always had horses. They had one particular horse named Creamo. When Ike would go to do chores, like milk the cows and feed the livestock, Creamo would come up to the porch so Ike could get on his back and ride him out to do the chores. Creamo was Ike's 'wheel chair'.
In later years, after Darrell and Ruth were married, we would visit them and see them at family reunions. We always had a great time. Most people couldn't tell Darrell and his twin brother Farrell apart.
We attended their anniversary celebration and really enjoyed seeing and visiting with family members we seldom see.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


JADA USA and a friend

Some of the trick or treaters, out to get some candy. We don't have the kids come like we used to. We live on a farm and there not as many farmers now so less small children. It was always fun to see how they would dress up especially the little ones.

Monday, October 11, 2010


This was a good year for flowers. The rain showers came at the right time and cooler weather helped them grow. Some of my fall flowers got frosted before I got to take some pictures of them. The roses were great. I didn't take any pictures so I put two from last year.
I have been having trouble with uploading pics so it has been some time since i have published any thing, hope to do better.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Old Glory
Grand Marshal

You have to have a fire truck


4-H club float

Old John Deere tractor

Old combine, 3 foot cut

New tractor

New tractor

New tractor with grain wagon

New fuel truck & kids picking up candy

Garden Vegetable display

4-H crafts

4-H Food

Market Goats

4-H market lamb

Market barrows
Market Steer

Pedal tractor pull, Girls

Boys pedal tractor pull

Kids play

Mud volley ball

The winners!
Our County has seven small towns and the annual County Fair
brings the communities together more than any other event.
The fair begins with the annual fair parade.
4-Hers and FFA members enter their projects which are judged for awards. There are also open classes that anyone can enter their projects in.
There are many categories, including livestock, sewing, cooking, artwork,
photography, garden produce, flowers, style revue, fitting and
showing of animals and welding projects.
There are many events to enjoy. Pedal tractor pull, baby show, a petting zoo, events in the arena and many other attractions for children and adults.
There are food stands with delicious home made food.
Everyone enjoys the time of seeing and visiting with old and new friends.