Sunday, January 4, 2009


Saturday, Jan. 3rd was great grandson Joey's first birthday.  We were invited over for ice cream and cake.  His mom had suggested he could use some new sleepers with feet in them.  We thought we'd be smart and stop in a bigger town on the way and pick some up.  Guess what--no sleepers in any of the stores--finally found one, not exactly what we wanted but it had to do.  We also took him a stuffed monkey made for his grandpa Thom by his Aunt Gevine when he was little (probasbly about 50 years ago).  Thom called it "Flopsy", drug it everywhere he went (mostly by the tail). and wouldnt go to bed without it.
We don't see Joey too often so he always has to look us over real good.  But he is a happy little boy and makes up easily.  He had been standing alone and taking  a few steps for quite a while but when we got there Sat. he was walking all over the place and was so proud of himself.
Then there was the cake.  It was a decorated 'farm' cake.  There was a little cake just fior Joey.  They put him in his high chair and set the cake on the tray.  In about five minutes you never saw such a mess in all your life!   He had to have a bath after the cake.
It was a great party.  We pray it was the first of many.    

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Louise said...

I love Joey's birthday cake...I may have to steal that idea someday!