Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Phil.4:19 niv

If you would drive around the countryside in the fall you would see fields planted to new alfalfa that would have clumps of dark green in them. That would be turnips, because farmers sometimes put turnip seed with their alfalfa seed. I have heard it is to help keep the fields from blowing, but I think they just wanted some turnips for themselves and their neighbors. Sometimes they would go to town and tell the people they had a field of turnips, go help your self. The last few years some farmers have planted large fields to turnips for fall pasture Cattle love them and it is earlier than wheat pasture

In the early sixties we had a small patch of ground around 1 1/2 acres that was closed in by two ravines. I worked the ground and hand planted turnip seed and never checked on them until fall. I was surprised to see the ground covered with turnips. We picked some of the biggest ones first, they were all different sizes.

We started giving them away, then we decided to try and sell them to the super markets in Salina. They were only selling from 3 to 5 bushel a week. There was a country market in Salina so we stopped to see if he could use some. He took what we had and gave us 25 bushel baskets to bring back the next week. We took him the 25 baskets the next week and he gave us 50 baskets for the week after that. He said he was selling a bunch of them at Fort Riley and farther east. We stopped selling them to the grocery stores and let him do that.

One day he told us that he had rented cold storage in our home town and wanted us to start taking them there. He would give us the baskets and he showed us how to trim the tops so they would keep good for a long time. I'm sure we lost 2 or 3 pocket knives and had sore backs. I think we harvested several hundred bushels of turnips.

I didn't know the Lord at that time but now I believe He blessed us because at that time we had no money. It was a family project. Thank the Lord for the kids being big enough to help. "JUST LOOK AND SEE WHAT THE LORD CAN DO WITH A LITTLE TURNIP SEED"!!!!

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