Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas a sad time?

Christmas time was always an exciting time in my life. I always wondered what Santa would bring this Christmas. We always tried to find where the folks would hide our gifts. Most of the time we would get one big present and one or two small presents like gloves or socks. On Christmas morning we would be up early (4:00 am) and down stairs hollering at mom and dad "we want to open presents". But they were still in bed and they would say if you don't get back to bed Santa won't come. So we would go back to bed and wait until 5:30 and try again. One year the farming was good so my brother and I each got a bicycle, one blue and one red so we would know what one was ours. We had learned how to ride on our neighbors bike so we got on them and rode them down the dirt road to the mail box back and forth. Then mom hollered at us and said come in and eat breakfast. We didn't want to but we did. After breakfast we went back to ride the bikes and a sadness came over us. The dirt road was full of Mexican sand burrs. We each had a flat tire and no stop leak to put in them. We had to wait until the folks went to town (and that was only once a week) to get some stop leak. Merry Christmas!

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