Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking in the past

In the late 30's and early 40's we raised turkeys.   In the winter we kept them in a pen that was covered on the top to keep them from flying out.   When spring came we would open the gate to let run free.    They would stay home until they started nesting.   They would hide their nest along the creeks and the Indian cave.   Some would be as far away as 1/2 mile.    They were hiding their nest from us and coyotes and other predators.   We would be playing or fishing and find their nest.   In the fall when it started getting cold the mother turkey would bring their young back home.   They would roost in the trees close to their pen, finally when it got cold enough they go back in their pen.     At Thanksgiving we would dress one for dinner.   We always used the big cottonwood tree to hang them on to pick their feathers

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Renette said...

I will always remember this big tree and the many family photos taken in front of it. The seed was planted so many years ago, how many years, no one knows. Like the seeds of love, fellowship, and friendship, caring, giving, and understanding our ancestors sowed in us, there IT stands in the back yard of our family farm as a tribute to the Hoesli name standing tall and outreaching, new branches growing as the new generations form, the many branches are all part of this our Family Tree.