Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rabbit hunt- Surprising results

One morning my brother and I decided to go rabbit hunting. We had a couple dogs that always went with us. Most of the time they would scare the rabbits out of their nest before we could get there to shoot them. We decided to go hunting by the Indian cave. As we were walking along the dogs chased a rabbit in a hole in the bottom of a tree. The tree was a big old tree 30' or 40' tall. We could see the tree was hollow because it had a hole 2/3 the way up the tree. We decided to smoke him out. LaRoy went home to get some wooden matches I stayed to watch so the rabbit would not get out. When LaRoy got back we got some small branches to start the fire. After it was burning good we placed some leaves on the fire. It was fall so there were plenty of leaves to be found. The fire was smoking good when we heard a noise at the top of the tree it was a squirrel, he came out the hole in the top of the tree running from tree to tree. The tree was just like a chimney, it was drawing the smoke right through it. About that time we could hear mom saying dinner is ready. So we put the fire out the best we could and went to dinner. After dinner we went back to see if he was still there. When we got close we could see the whole tree was on fire. There was a problem the tree was on someone else's property that was not very friendly. Mom never questioned us but I am sure she knew. MOM's knows every thing. PS: We didn't get the rabbit!

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