Friday, December 5, 2008

Indian Cave. Where my dad and I, my kids, my grandkids and my great grand kids played

                                                Check the turkey tracks on the wall
                                    Several of these sand stone outcroppings
                                                           Entrance to the cave


memevignery said...

I do believe my kids played there too? What great memories you have. Regina

Regina Vignery said...

Loved your photos and comments. Your life was very interesting. My kids also played at that cave. Great memories for them too. Regina

Renette said...

This is another Tommy story. He is the ornery one after all. One day he took me, Renda, Rhonda, and Rita up to the cave. It was always a challenge walking through the pasture trying not to get any cactus needles in your tennis shoes. We all followed Tommy, on our hands and knees through the narrow opening to the cave. As we all set Indian style in a circle inside the cave. It was dark in the cave, but from the light coming through the cave opening we could see something falling from the cave ceiling. Tommy showed us the indian markings in the cave, then the flashlight turned to the ceiling of the cave. Now we knew what had been falling, there was hundreds of crickets on the ceiling, and us 4 girls screaming and crawling for the exit at the same time. Tommy stayed in the cave, he knew he better not come out for awhile.