Friday, December 5, 2008

Indian Cave served as place to go Sunday

In the 30's and 40's there were visitors every Sunday, and some came during the week. They would have picnics and some came just to visit with other people. There are a lot of names carved on the face of the cliff, some from the 1800's We have had several schools have last day picnics. The local kindergarten class came for many years. Some people came to hunt arrow heads after the fields had been plowed. It was good hunting after a rain, the rain would wash the dirt off the arrow head so you could see them better. There also was a lodge near the cave. The lodge had been destroyed by the Indians from the north. About 1/2 mile south was a burial mound. There are two fire places at the cave. One is on the ground level the other one is about 2/3the way up the cliff. Charcoal corn was found in both places. My brother and I would make kites out of old dried sunflower stalks and old news paper. We made the tail out of string and newspaper. We would go to the top of the cave where there is a rock platform. The wind would catch them and they'd fly high. We would take small pieces of news paper and fold over the string the wind would take them to the kite.


Janell said...

Hey Uncle Bill and Aunt Darlene,

Great blog and love the pictures of the family. Thanksgiving must have been terrific for all of you. I also didn't realize the history of the Indian cave, but certainly remember the cave from my time with you at the farm. Thank you for sharing.


Renette said...

One day Thom took me up on the rock ledge. The were a lot of trees growing around the area that we had to crawl around to get to the outer ledge. It was scary cause we were way up high and nothing below us to catch us if we fell. But the view was awesome, you could probably see for forty miles on a clear day. I think I counted ten elevators, a great view of God's country.