Monday, December 8, 2008

Ice and More Ice-- December--2007

Ice storms are bad, especially for farmers with livestock. The water stops, no lights, no heat in the pump house to keep it from freezing. More farmers have generators now and that helps keep some of the necessities operating. Last year when the ice storm hit we were with out electricity. Our daughter and son-in-law asked us to come and stay with them because they have a generator. We stayed for three days with them. It looked like we were going to be several days without electricity. So I called our son in south east Kansas and he said he had a generator that he would bring to Wichita, which is half way, if we would meet him there. We agreed to do that, so we went to Wichita and got the generator. It was about dark, and we were about 1/2 mile from home when we noticed some head lights behind us. As we pulled in our yard here came the electric company and said "Your lights will be on in ten minutes". Praise the Lord! Some people were without electricity for two weeks. We hope this doesn't happen again this winter!

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